hey lover, nice to meet you. again, i'm mia.. i am 20 years old, from a small town in TN, but am now living in the big ole city of  nashville doing photography full time! i enjoy traveling, eating yummy food, fashion, all things vintage, watching anything that includes romance, and spending time with my people, as well as my sweet doggo lennon. i started doing photography when i was 16 and truly fell head first in love with it. i feel so incredibly lucky to have found such a strong passion and enjoyment for something at such a young age. my journey with photography has truly grown me as a human and changed my life for the better. because of you, i get to wake up and love what i do every. single. day. and i want to take as second to truly thank you for that!
my goal for each session or wedding is that you leave feeling like a story has been captured, rather than a million posed pictures.. i want to capture the in between moments, the messy, the candids, the happy tears, the imperfect moments, the embraces between two people, and all of the things that make your love YOURS. i want to capture the big, as well as the small and tiny moments of your life&love. 

hey there!

It's Mia!


My priority is for you to be able to look back on your gallery and remember the exact moment that was captured.. Whether it be how it felt to walk down the aisle to the love of your life, the confidence you felt in the moment, the way it felt to be cuddled up with your person giving one another eskimo kisses, or whatever it may be! I want to tell your story and I want to help remind you of the effortlessly GOOD moments in life.. so let’s make your session full of dance parties, sweet emotions, bumping hips, bouncy piggy back rides, self love, soft kisses, belly laughs, and anything else that can bring you those genuinely good, effortless feelings.