i am so stinking happy you are here. let’s get to know each other a lil bit. 
i am a 20 year old chasing her damn d r e a m s. i like to think of myself as a dreamer, a doer, someone who is outgoing, bubbly, loving, and spunky.. when i asked my friends to describe me i got vivacious, genuine, confident, bold, spastic, go getter, and considering. so take those words as you please when trying to figure me out! i said freak college and never went and moved 3 hours from home by myself to pursue this little business in bigger ways. i absolutely love to travel and have since i was a little girl. something about being in new places, around new people, trying new things just inspires the heck out of me. so if you need a travel buddy, need an elopement photog, need someone for your beach wedding, IM YOUR GAL and would love to tag along! i also have the sweetest man in my life that has been putting up with me since the 7th grade! we are truly so different, yet so alike in so many ways and i would like to think we balance each other out pretty well! i have a pup named lennon who is the biggest baby in the world (a big baby that weighs 85 pounds hahah).. you can always catch me eating spicy food with a side of pickles.. yes always. every meal to be exact. i cuss entirely way too much and enjoy a dang good time, but love jesus w my whole heart. He has done so much for me in this life time and I truly owe so much to Him. i’m a tattoo addict and currently have 8 that i got less than a year within each other and i want 62827 more.. yes, 62827 more. i prefer a smoothie over coffee any day.. i’ve only ever found like 2 or 3 coffees that i can stand, so i guess i’m a lil weird being that coffee is a must for every other photographer. smoothie date instead?? in my free time you can catch me watching a romcom, shopping online for clothes, binging a tv show, or spending time with my man, friends, and family. i hope after reading all of this you feel like you know me much better, but we can always set up a smoothie (or coffee i GUESS) date and chat more! i want you to walk into your session feeling like you’re meeting up with a new friend, because i hate to tell you but once you do a session with me we are besties for the resties and there’s no ands, ifs, or buts about it! 
but really, i genuinely love my job and love to capture some of the biggest, most special times in peoples lives. like i said before, i love a good rom com and i’m a sucker for anything to do with love so it makes getting to capture love stories 10 times better. i want to make you feel something good during our time together. you deserve to feel beautiful.. to have pictures of you and your hunniii captured for you guys to look back on years down the road.. and to just have moments of your life captured in time. come to me just as you are and let’s create some absolute magic. let me be your new fav 3rd wheel. now that all of that is out there.. let me get to know YOU! head over to my inquiry page and tell me a lil about you and let’s set up a date.

hey there!

It's Mia!


My priority is for you to be able to look back on your gallery and remember the exact moment that was captured.. Whether it be how it felt to walk down the aisle to the love of your life, the confidence you felt in the moment, the way it felt to be cuddled up with your person giving one another eskimo kisses, or whatever it may be! I want to tell your story and I want to help remind you of the effortlessly GOOD moments in life.. so let’s make your session full of dance parties, sweet emotions, bumping hips, bouncy piggy back rides, self love, soft kisses, belly laughs, and anything else that can bring you those genuinely good, effortless feelings.