for the lovers, the dreamers, and the wildly in love.

Meet the photographer

Hi friend, I am so happy that you are here. I am Mia Grace, lover of love, art, people, emotions, tattoos, good music, pickles, fashion, and good times. When I am not working I am either with my sweet boyfriend, Will, of 8 years, my family and friends, scrolling on pinterest, binging a tv show and crying over a rom com, or somewhere eating pasta or pickles. I love my job and I love to capture love. If you want someone to tell you to stand there and smile, i'm probably not the best pick for you (which is totally fine), BUT if you want filmy, documentary style, full of motion and blur and romance and laughter, let's chat!

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hiii! i am mia grace

Nashville based but willing to go any corner of the world for love and a good time!

the why

I love what I do because of the creative freedom that it allows me, the connections that I get to make, the people I get to meet and the friendships that are made, all of the love stories that I get to capture, and the fact that I get to pause moments in time in the midst of some of the sweetest, most precious times in peoples lives.

welcome to my corner of the web!

Love notes

Mia is an angel sent from heavennnnn. Shes super sweet, kind, helpful and full of creative ideas! Working with her was an amazing and pleasant experience. Shes great with posing and making you feel comfortable, and the results are to die for! I love her moody and filmy look and 100% fits my vibes. I will forever ONLY work with Mia. I am so glad i found her, shes not only an amazing photographer, shes also become a wonderful friend. 

Mia is everything you would want in a photographer! She is fun, creative, makes you feel comfortable, and not to mention, the pictures you get back from her are the BEST quality. I’ve had the privilege of working with Mia multiple times, and every time I get an album back, it surpasses my already high expectations. She pushes me outside of my comfort zone while still capturing the heart of who I am. She is detail oriented, punctual, and makes you feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt. Mia does not let the “in between” moments go unnoticed. She captures the “real life” experiences beautifully and the pictures you get back allow you to relive that special moment over and over again.

Mia was recommended to me by a Facebook post soon after I got engaged and after looking through her pictures and her taking the time to FaceTime, I knew she was the photographer for me! She worked with me through moving twice and traveled to my fiancé and I to take our engagement pictures which turned out perfectly. When she told me she was 19, I couldn’t believe it because of how amazing her work is and how much experience she already has. Fast forward to our wedding day, she relieved so much stress and anxiety when she walked through the door with how chill and relaxed her personality is. Not to mention she returns pictures faster than I ever imagined possible! If you’re still reading this, BOOK HER NOW because I already did the research and she’s the best out there ;)

 Mia is absolutely awesome! This is from a vendor perspective, as I DJ’d a wedding she was shooting for. She was so easy to work with and had a fantastic personality. I loved how she interacted with the newlyweds and had so much fun with them. Now when it comes to her work… it is absolutely stunning! I was blown away when I saw the finished versions. She is so creative and the pictures are out of this world. I immediately followed her on Instagram and have so enjoyed seeing all the new photos from her shoots as they appear. Mia is legit and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for high end, beautiful and yet very unique photos! 

Cannot speak highly enough of Mia!! She has this incredibly natural ability to turn any shoot into a fun, intimate, and unique experience. My fiancé and I have worked with several photographers and we both agree Mia is by far our favorite. From bringing her creative vision to life, to being punctual and adaptable, to literally going above and beyond in any shoot, Mia has all the qualities and more of a successful, extremely high-end photographer. She has an uncanny ability to capture the moments that matter. She is, without a doubt, the REAL. DEAL. 




I will put my heart and soul into making your session or big day all that you could dream of and ask for.. I want to make our time together easy, fun, and magical and I will do whatever I have to do to fulfill your photography dreams. I want to invest into you just as much as you invest into me. YOU are the reason I am able to do this, and I could not possibly thank you enough.

Creating… It’s my favorite thing to do. I want to create some MAGIC with y o u. And I want to create exactly what you have envisioned in your head for our session or your wedding day. Tell me your thoughts.. your ideas.. send me that Pinterest board you have been making! I want to hear it all. Your voice matters and this is about YOU.. Let’s get to creating!

I want to capture the genuine, raw, and organic moments of your life. I refuse to just capture the posed moments.. What’s the fun in that?! Give me the happy tears, the belly laughs, the snorts (I’ve got a few up my sleeve usually as well hahah!), the huge smiles, the messy hair, and all of the in between. I want the REAL and I want the RAW! I want to look through your images and see the love the two of you share, and I want you to be able to do the same!

photos on the wall may fade and age, but true love burns eternal.








OPTION 1: facetime d8.. ($250)
We will set up a facetime call for 30 minutes where we will evaluate where you are at in your business, where you want to be, and then you will have the opportunity to ask me as many questions within the time frame!

OPTION 2: facetime d8 #2.. ($350)
This will be the same as option 1, but you will have an hour instead of 30 minutes! So you will have plenty of time to ask and chat alllll the things.

OPTION 3: a date d8.. ($550)
For this we will meet up at a coffee shop or yummy lunch spot where we will talk about your goals for your business and where you want to be, I will answer any questions you have, and then we will head to a styled shoot set up by muahhh for an hour, and then backkkk to a little spot to edit for 30 minutes!

I am now offering the option of styling! I have always had a huge love & passion for fashion& styling others + myself, and actually initially planned to go to college for fashion before deciding not to go at all, so with that being said I am beyondddd excited to now be offering this to all of you cutie humans. This can be for my clients, other photographers, your every day fashion needs, bands, etc! 
For this you will send me your mood boards or tell me your ideas, and from there I will create mood boards that I will send to you, we will decide if anything needs to be changed and once the mood boards are finalized I will send you over links to each outfit where you can then purchase them and have them shipped straight to you. More info can be found on my instagram stories!
OPTION 1: ($100) 1-3 outfits
OPTION 2: ($200) 3-6 outfits
OPTION 3: ($300) 7-10 outfits